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Muscle Barbie Fitness Star Wendy Rider

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Buff, tanned, blue-eyed, blonde-haired fitness star, figure competitor and Playboy model Wendy Rider AKA Muscle Barbie is so hot you get the feeling you could fry eggs on her perfectly toned, muscle glistening body. Wendy, who was born and raised in Florida and speaks fluent Spanish, has always been very athletic. "I compete in many athletic events, including figure competitions. I have always enjoyed sports and working out. I love playing tennis, saltwater fishing and boating. I have a valid Florida motorcycle license - any model can pose with a motorcycle, but I can ride one!" Wendy says, with not a little pride.

This sexy Floridian has a second home in a Colorado ski resort, which she visits regularly, revelling in many of the winter sports which she loves so dearly, in particular skiing. "I started out competing in bikini contests and doing catalog/calendar work. I then became a certified personal trainer and began serious weight training in order to compete in figure competitions," Wendy explains.

"I am very dedicated to working out and staying in contest shape year round. Fitness and proper nutrition are a lifestyle for me and both are instrumental in achieving my fitness goals. I have been very lucky to have worked with and continue to work with many of the top photographers and makeup artists throughout the United States and Canada."

Some of those stunning shoots have seen Wendy on the covers and featured in Planet Muscle and Natural Muscle. Then, in 2008, Playboy came calling, managing to persuade Wendy to reveal ALL of her awesome body and she hasn't looked back since.

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