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Athletic MILF Madison Madness Nude

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Athletic MILF amateur Madison Madness is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. "I take very good care of myself, work out, get massages and eat right, to keep my body in top shape and desirable," she explains.

Madison was born in South Africa on 24 July 1972 to American and Danish parents. The family moved to Brazil when she was just 5, then on to New York when she was 10. Madison went to a Catholic high school, then on to an East Coast Ivy League college. "While in college, I began a "naughty" T-shirt business which led to my making lots of partying money and an eventual suspension from school in my senior year for a crude, yet best selling T-shirt of the school chancellor," she says.

Madison moved back to Manhattan, went in to sales and quickly rose through the ranks, aided by a lot of teasing of a lot of bosses. A very healthy salary gave her the financial freedom to do what she wants in life, and that turned out to be heading off for the West Coast, where she lives today, mixing work with the pleasure of running her own very unique adult website, which she designs, stars in and shoots content for herself.

"I like to dress threateningly sexy just to see how others will react when confronted by such a sight. I am sexy when I want to be, vulgar when I want, or pouty, or demur, or anything I need to be in order to get what I want," she admits.

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