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Pro Bodybuilder Kathy Connors Does Porn

Mature muscle legend Kathy Connors is one of a small band of female athletes who have managed to balance a raunchy adult modelling career with serious competition both at bodybuilding and at women's powerlifting. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she has been working out since 1980 and first competed in 1981, a time at which the NPC did not even sanction women's contests. "The women were all in one weight catagory ... We have come a long way since then!" Kathy says.

Right through the 1990s, she won a string of powerlifting titles across Florida. Kathy's bodybuilding competitive career has spanned over two decades, meanwhile, regularly seeing her place in the heavyweight division of the North American Championships. Highlights have included winning the Southern USA Championships, the Florida State title and the Masters Nationals.

Now based in sunny Florida, Kathy trains religiously six days a week. The regime kept her fit for her one-time career as a local law enforcement officer. Her Phd in psychology didn't hurt with that either. She was the first woman to pass the local police SWAT team physical agility testing. Now retired from police work, Kathy is enjoying extra time for her other hobbies of bike riding, skiing and scuba diving.

Luckily for her fans, she also has more time to explore her wild side ... and has become increasingly daring in recent times by experimenting with full-blown boy-girl hardcore! She is known under a variety of aliases, especially since expanding her sexual experimentation on camera to full sex. They include Wild Kat, Kat Connors and Kat Wiley.

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