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Pro FBB Turned Adult Star Autumn Raby

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Former IFBB Pro Canadian National Bodybuilding Champion Autumn Raby started out as an exotic dancer dubbed 'Ms. Nude Hard Body' and is one of the few top ranking female bodybuilder pros who has built an unashamed career in X-rated porn. She has been delighting a small army of female muscle fans with her uncensored nude and porn adventures since the year 2000.

Autumn was born in Ontario, Canada, on 30 January 1972. She was always sporty as she grew up, enjoying track and field, volleyball, badminton, baseball and soccer in high school. After moving from Ontario to British Columbia in 1997 (where she still lives), Autumn found herself working as a waitress in nudie bars and constantly being asked by guys when she was going to get up on stage and have a go. She would shyly change the subject, but liked the attention and eventually plucked up the courage to give it a go. Within three months, she became a featured entertainer, touring clubs all over Canada with her spectacular fire show, the highlight being the making of a hot wax mould of her pussy live on stage which some lucky punter got to take home.

"Being muscular was my edge in the business. Club owners were hesitant on hiring a bodybuilder as it didn't fit the typical stripper description. I was also known for my pole work. I would do my upside down push-ups and abs crunches on the pole. The guys just loved the strength moves. They were intrigued by my muscles and personality," Autumn recalls.

She won the Ms. Nude BC title in 1998 after only 8 months of dancing. In Toronto and Niagra Falls, Autumn also tried her hand at lap dancing. "I would start dancing for someone and within minutes they would have a boner. Sometimes I would laugh because it would just happen so quick, instant boner, and sometimes I would just be really turned on and horny waiting for his erection to appear. I am also bi-sexual so dancing for women was always hot!" Autumn recalls, with not a little delight.

She took up bodybuilding seriously after meeting Greg aka 'Big G', the guy who has been her personal trainer in the decade since. Autumn, believe it or not, had always been too shy to join a gym before. It was fellow female muscle star and IFBB champion Denise Masino who encouraged Autumn to enter her first bodybuilding competition in 2003. She took first place at Ft St John, BC, in The Northern Classic heavyweight decision and also won the overall.

"It was such a tremendous feeling being on stage for the very first time, showing off my muscles. I used to intimidate a lot of people with my muscles in my previous lines of work so now to be appreciated for it was something else," Autumn says. She came 4th in the Canadian Nationals just months later, climbed to 2nd in 2004 and finally became Canadian middlewight and overall champion in 2005, winning her IFBB Pro card. Autumn Raby's online X-rated adventures have gone a lot further than most of her fellow card carrying pro bodybuilders. She has taken part in thousands of no-holds barred video and photoshoots, together with producing her own female bodybuilder porn series rivalled in raunchiness by few others!

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