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Physical Instructor Alura Jenson XXX

Looking at ripped adult star Alura Jenson AKA Amazon Alura today - a confident, muscular, sexually assertive MILF bombshell - it's difficult to imagine that she grew up a bullied and deeply insecure child.

Alura was born in Florence, Italy, on 31 May 1977 to a US Army dad stationed there, but grew up in New Jersey after the family returned to the States. She struggled with her body image as a kid and says she was ugly. "I used to get beat up by boys for being so unattractive. Consequently, I had to learn to appreciate the goodness in people and the beauty in life," she recalls.

The day after her graduation, Alura enlisted in the US Navy. She spent over a decade working as a physical rehabilitation specialist for both the Navy and Army, obtaining an extensive medical education, including a degree in Exercise Kinesiology. She also got married and had two kids. During pregnany Alura's weight ballooned to 260lbs. She started a strict fitness regime to get back in shape, which gave birth to her passion for bodybuilding.

As she started reshaping her body, 5 feet 8 inch tall 34H-30-42 Alura's outlook on life changed a lot too. She began to experiment with her sexuality, enjoying her first threesome then even a gangbang. It seemed she had outgrown both the army and her marriage. She filed for divorce and got an honorable discharge from the military. From leading a steady suburban life, Alura moved to Las Vegas and launched a career as a stripper at the Palomino Club.

The once shy kid, now ripped and confident, revelled in the attention. Her sexual appetite seemed to soar at the same time. Alura has said she became a ‘savage freak in bed’ and a ‘sick twisted fucking pervert.’ Once she recalls getting so wild that she fell off the bed while orgasming, leaving her with a bloody nose and a concussion.

Not surprisingly then, when an offer to appear in adult movies came calling, Alura jumped at the chance. Her first hardcore scene was shot in late 2011 and she has since become one of the most popular stars in the MILF, dominatrix and particularly, in more recent times, with fans of muscle girls as her bodybuilding hobby has seen her become increasingly more ripped.

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