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Wenona's World:  Fitness Muscle And Physique Model Gone Bad

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Bio: With a hot muscle-rippling, hardbody physique ripped to glisteningly tanned perfection, sexy Wenona is the definition of the fitness model gone bad. She started her modelling career at 19 with fashion and swimwear shoots, later moving on to artistic nudes. But in her private life, Wenona always had a fascination with flirting with the darker side. "My first time tied-up was when noone was home and I decided to take one of my jump ropes and suspend myself from my back yard tree house about 15 feet above the ground. It was really fun until I realized I was going to have a difficult time reaching the platform again! Luckily I finally managed to get myself swinging enough to grab hold of the tree house. I was a little sore, but okay," she confesses. So when Wenona was first approached professionally about the possibility of doing a first bondage shoot, she didn't take long to say yes. "I really enjoy pushing my body to it's limits. I also love any activity that involves bending my body into crazy flexible positions," Wenona says. She works out five days a week, practicing contortion, yoga, and gymnastics to keep her body in shape for the crazy things she's started getting up to since launching her own corner on the web. One of those things has seen Wenona begin a series of live weekly webcam chats with her fans, where she says she's learned just how much of an exhibitionist she really is. "It's so nice being able to do the things I enjoy the most like being tied-up, having forced orgasms, running around naked, bondage sex, self bondage, playing with myself, and of course having sex, all while travelling everywhere and meeting cool new friends," she says. From our side, we have to admit, it ain't so bad being able to get to watch buff beauty Wenona do all that either!

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