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Melissa Dettwiller:  Pro Bodybuilder Perfect Muscle And Femininity

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Name:  Melissa Dettwiller ...... Born:  Houme, Louisiana
Birthday: November 12, 1977 ...... Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 5' 2" ...... Weight: 125lbs ...... Offseason: 145lbs
Legs: 22" ...... Biceps: 14" ...... Measurements: 36DD-25-34

Bio: Stunning NPC bodybuilder, web designer and raunchy internet goddess Melissa Dettwiller has always had the attitude to training that you can be a female bodybuilder and still remain very much feminine and sexy. "I love the feeling of being in shape all the time and being appreciated for looking healthy and fit. Having muscle makes me feel strong and sexy at the same time," says the soft-spoken Louisiana-born blonde. She admits that she wasn't at all in to sports at school and first went along to her local gym at age 15 to avoid getting overweight without having to diet. She had no intention of getting in to bodybuilding at the time, but it just so happened that the Body Elite Fitness Center In Houma, Louisiana, had some serious hardcore bodybuilders which soon had her hooked. She competed in her first show, the John Sherman Classic in Houston, Texas, aged just 17 in November 2004, nailing first place in the LH Class. "It was lots of fun! I totally forgot my posing routine in the middle of my routine because I didn't really learn it in the first place. I spent so much time practicing how to pose that I didn't spend enough time learning my routine. But what good would a routine be if I didn't know how to pose? I just winged it! Good thing I don't have stage fright! I was the only one that knew I messed it up though," Melissa recalls.

She has been hooked on training and showing off her awesome body ever since. Melissa trains hard pretty much six days a week and maintains a healthy diet free from drink, cigarettes or drugs. She rates her legs as her best asset because they gain muscle shape easier than anywhere else. Little wonder then that she lists squats as her favourite exercise. A typical squat routine for Melissa involves doing 225lbs for 12-15 deep reps (butt to heels), followed by 275lbs for 6-8 reps, then 315lbs for a double or a triple. "I think it's so funny when a 5' 2", 138lb blonde with pig tails sends men away from the squat rack because she's out squatting them!" she giggles.

Bodybuilding is a huge part of Melissa's life, but maintaining her femininity is something she clings to steadfastly. "I wish that while judging competitions, the judges would remember that they are judging the women, not the men, and make their decisions from there. I don't want to have to shave my face or sound like Barry White to be able to actually win or even place in a show," she says. No accident then that her favourite fellow competitors - Christine Roth, Joanna Thomas and Valentina Chepiga - remain those who have managed to combine ripped with very much sexy personas. Melissa has been a favourite of muscle magazines like Flex and Planet Muscle as much for her looks as her figure. And the same can be said of her internet prescence. Running and starring in videos and camshows, Melissa Dettwiller has sought very much to show off her very healthy sexuality, delighting fans by letting them see one of the sexiest ever NPC pro bodybuilders in hardcore and fetish action.

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2004 NPC John Shermann Classic - Houston, Texas - LHW 1st place winner
2005 NPC Southern Classic - Jackson, Mississippi - HW 2nd place winner
2005 NPC Junior Nationals - Chicago, Illinois - LHW 2nd place winner
2005 NPC Louisiana State Bodybuilding - Lafayette, Louisiana - LHW overall winner
2005 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships - Las Vegas, Nevada - 10th place
2006 NPC Junior Nationals Championships - Chicago, Illinois - 3rd place
2006 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships - Las Vegas, Nevada - 7th place
2007 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding - New York - 1st place

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