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Name:  Anita Lix ...... Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Age: Twenty-six ...... Ethnicity: Italian-American
Occupation: Fitness trainer, massotherapist, internet model

Bio: Ripped amateur bodybuilder and kinky internet model Anita Lix has been working her day job as a fitness instructor for more than seven years now, turning heads at the gym with her hard body figure and sexy smile. If only her fellow gym enthusiasts knew what Anita gets up to in her spare time, there might be more than biceps busting! "My work is very physical and fulfilling but I yearn for more excitement," Anita explains. "Being around half nude clients leaves me so turned on, that in between appointments I touch myself till I climax. Iím tired of repressing my sexual desires so I have decided to go out and explore my sexual cravings. I want to share my experiences with you as they happen. I want you to become involved and feel my sexual energy explode. I am a real person, as are my sexual adventures. No actors, no studio, no scripts, just my fantasies captured for you to enjoy. I'm a natural entertainer and exhibitionist. I'm very comfortable with my body and I love to show it off."

Muscle babe Anita also often gets her hardbody girlfriends from the gym involved in her X-rated fun and games, not to mention meeting up from time to time with her fans for kinky wrestling and fetish sessions. Her videos and webcam shows have increasingly pushed the boundaries of her sexual exploration. But sexy Anita also has a softer side, enjoying nothing better than to relax by travelling or getting lost in a good book. "In my quiet time, I enjoy reading mostly about the arts, nutrition and fitness - my true passions. I also enjoy just cuddling by a nice warm fire or relaxing outside in my hot tub soaking my sore muscles. I'm very dedicated to my other hobby of bodybuilding and fitness competitions. It's definitely a lifestyle - 6 days a week, sometimes 2hrs a day training. I love seeing my body transform, to get stronger, lose fat and become leaner," Anita says.

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